Sunday, July 31, 2016

Client testimonials

Client testimonials
When asked if they would use our firm again if they had another legal problem, our clients have said…

“I would absolutely consider your firm. I haven’t met with others yet, but to me your firm has set a high bar to measure others against. In terms of professionalism and providing all necessary information for me to make a decision in going with Kenneth.” – Mark Publico

“Yes, I would use your firm again.” – Prior client

“Hopefully I won’t have to handle any more legal problems in the near future but if I did, this my go-to firm!” – Prior client

“Yes, Mr. Vercammen, Esq., was very enthusiastic and confident about remediating my case. I am glad I selected a lawyer who is so ‘up-beat’ and personal.” – Prior Client
 When asked if they would recommend our firm to a friend, relative, or business associate who needed a lawyer, our clients have said…

“Yes, I would recommend your firm to a friend.” – Prior client

“It turned out better than expected. I can’t complain with the results.” – prior client

“Yes, I would definitely recommend you to someone in need of a good lawyer!” – Prior client

“Yes. I believe anyone would be impressed with the quality of services provided to them.” – Prior Client

 “Yes, I would highly recommend your firm.” – Virginia Beachum

Were you satisfied and other comments:

“Having a 4 point violation reduce to 0, for the money spent, satisfied my peace of mind.” – Mark Publico.

“Yes because no points were added to my driving record. Fine was very large, although I understand that there are legal guidelines from court out of your control.” Prior Client.

“Your firm met my expectations.” – Prior Client

“I was very satisfied with the service. Mr. Vercammen took the time to make sure I understand the process.” –Virginia Beachum

“Yes, I would use your firm again. I was impressed with the presentation of staff and Mr. K. Vercammen.” – Virginia Beachum