Tuesday, December 2, 2008

39:3-27.24. "P.O.W." license plates authorized.

Upon the application of any person who served in the armed forces of the United sTates and who was held as a prisoner of war by an enemy of the United STates during any armed conflict, as certified by the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles shall issue for the motor vehicle owned by such person special plates bearing the letters "P.O.W." in addition to the registration numbre and other markings or identification otherwise prescribed by law. There shall be no cost to the applicant for these special plates. The applicant is requird to pay the fees otherwise prescribed by law for the registration of motor vehicles.
The surviving spouse of a former prisoner of war who is eligible to operate a motor vehicle in this State under the provision of R.S. 39:3-10 may retain the special license plates obtained by the deceased spouse pursuant to this section for display on a motor vehicle registered to the surviving spouse under the provisions of R.S. 39:3-4.
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