Friday, January 2, 2009

39:3-27.46. "Combat Infantryman Badge" plates

1. a. Upon application of any person who is the holder of a Combat Infantryman Badge, as certified on the applicant's DD-214 form or on a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, the director shall issue, for the motor vehicle owned or leased by the person, distinctive plates bearing a design approved by the director in addition to the registration number and other markings or identification prescribed by law. The plates shall bear the words "Combat Infantryman Badge" and depict the Combat Infantryman Badge emblem. The fee for these plates shall be $15 in addition to the fees otherwise prescribed by law for the registration of motor vehicles.

b. The surviving spouse of a former holder of the Combat Infantryman Badge who is eligible to operate a motor vehicle in this State under the provisions of R.S.39:3-10 may retain the special license plates obtained by the deceased spouse pursuant to this section for display on a motor vehicle registered to the surviving spouse under the provisions of R.S.39:3-4.

c. The director shall promulgate rules and regulations governing the issuance and use of these registration plates.

Randall Keith Benjamin, II

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