Monday, January 5, 2009

39:3-27.92 Liberty State Park license plates, issuance

2. The Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles shall, upon proper application therefor, issue Liberty State Park license plates for any motor vehicle owned or leased and registered in the State. In addition to the registration number and other markings or identification otherwise prescribed by law, a Liberty State Park license plate shall display words or a slogan and an emblem indicating support for, or an interest in, Liberty State Park. The words or slogan and emblem shall be chosen by the director; however, the director shall solicit, in conjunction with the Legislature, input from the general public on the design of the plate and shall review the submissions prior to choosing the design. Issuance of Liberty State Park license plates in accordance with this section shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 3 of Title 39 of the Revised Statutes, except as hereinafter otherwise specifically provided.

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