Sunday, May 18, 2014

Court rule 7:9-2. Judgment

7:9-2. Judgment

  • (a) Generally. A judgment of conviction shall set forth the complaint, the plea, the findings, the adjudication and the sentence. It shall cite with specificity the statute or ordinance section to which the conviction relates or a short description of the statute or ordinance, the names and addresses of the witnesses sworn, and a list of exhibits produced at the trial. If the defendant is found not guilty or for any other reason is entitled to be discharged, a judgment shall be entered accordingly. The judgment shall be signed by the court and entered by the municipal court administrator. If at the time of hearing, judgment was reserved, the court upon the entry of judgment of acquittal shall immediately mail a copy of the judgment to the defendant by ordinary mail; if convicted, however, the defendant shall be notified to appear in court for entry of judgment and sentencing.
  • (b) Conviction of a Corporation. If a corporation is convicted of an offense, the court shall give judgment on the conviction and shall cause the judgment to be enforced in the same manner as a judgment in a civil action.

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