Thursday, July 31, 2008

39:2A-22 Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

39:2A-22 Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

22. a. On or before January 31 of each year, the commission shall file with the Governor, the presiding officer of each House of the Legislature, and the Senate Transportation Committee and the Assembly Transportation and Public Works Committee, or their successors, a report setting forth the operational, capital and financial expenditures of the previous year, and the operational, capital, and financial plan, and the table of organization and staffing plan, for the current year.

The commission shall include in this report the latest audited annual financial statement. In this statement, the commission shall disclose all revenues remitted to the commission and provide a detailed listing of the various categories in which it receives revenue, including any surplus revenue from the prior year.

The commission shall also include in the report an assessment of the service provided by the commission. The assessment shall include information or data or both relating to security improvements, annual transactions performed, customer wait times, and criminal complaints.

b.The commission shall cause a financial audit of its books and accounts to be made at least once each year by certified public accountants and a copy thereof shall be filed with the State Treasurer.

c.(Deleted by amendment, P.L.2007, c.335).

L.2003, c.13, s.22; amended 2007, c.335, s.11.

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