Tuesday, July 29, 2008

39:3-8.1 Licensing of noncommercial trucks.

39:3-8.1 Licensing of noncommercial trucks.

2.The director may license noncommercial trucks at the same weight fees set forth in Revised Statutes 39:3-20; provided, however, applicants for registration who have been issued handicapped person identification cards pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1949, c.280 (C.39:4-205) and are registering a noncommercial truck which has been equipped with a wheelchair lift for the handicapped, or any other specially designed mechanical device for the handicapped as designated by the director that specifically requires installation only in a noncommercial truck or van because of the device's dimensions, operating characteristics or manufacturer's installation requirements, shall pay the same weight fees set forth in R.S.39:3-8 for similarly modified passenger automobiles of the same model year. Application for such registration shall be made on a form to be furnished by the division and the application shall contain a statement to the effect that the vehicle so registered will not be used for the commercial transportation of goods, wares and merchandise, or for hire, and that vehicles so registered will not contain any advertising, signs, lettering, names or addresses on its exterior, excepting trademarks and labels of the manufacturer and dealer.

L.1968,c.439,s.2; amended 1999, c.392, s.2.


joe249 said...

This law exempts handicapp people from commercial plates. Are pharmacies making deliveries of medication also exempt? They are emempt from lettering (39:4-46)

Ronnie said...

I also got a complementry 39:3-37 to go with 39:3-8.1 . How much $ are these tickets?