Friday, July 25, 2008

39:3-29.8. Prohibited acts

It shall be unlawful for any person:

a. To display or cause or permit to be displayed or have in his possession any canceled, fictitious, fraudulently altered, or fraudulently obtained identification card;

b. To lend his identification card to any other person or knowingly permit the use thereof by another;

c. To display or represent any identification card not issued to him as being his card;

d. To permit any unlawful use of an identification card issued to him;

e. To do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required by this act in reference to identification cards;

f. To photograph, photostat, duplicate, or in any way reproduce any identification card or facsimile thereof in such a manner that it could be mistaken for a valid identification card, or to display or have in his possession any such photograph, photostat, duplicate, reproduction, or facsimile unless authorized by the provisions of this act;

g. To alter any identification card in any manner not authorized by this act

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