Friday, July 25, 2008

39:3-79.8. Prohibition of supplying fuel to vehicle without label

First offense: Fine of $25. Subsequent offense: Fine of $50. For information regarding points or surcharges contact the Motor Vehicle Commission. For information about car insurance eligibility and points contact your car insurance company or the New Jersey Department of Insurance.
a. Any person requested to supply the compressed or liquified gaseous fuel for any vehicle covered under this act shall refuse to provide the fuel unless the vehicle for which the fuel is intended displays the label required herein.

b. Any person who violates subsection a. of this section shall be liable for a penalty of $25.00 for the first offense and $50.00 for each subsequent offense which may be collected in accordance with "the penalty enforcement law" (N.J.S. 2A:58-1 et seq.) by the Attorney General.

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