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39:3-29 Failure to produce license, registration or insurance card

Kenneth Vercammen's Law office represents individuals charged with criminal and serious traffic violations throughout New Jersey. Our office helps people with traffic/municipal court tickets throughout New Jersey, including drivers charged with driving while suspended and refusal. If someone pleads guilty to Failure to produce license, registration or insurance card 39:3-29, they will have to pay fines to the of $150 per violation.

The following is the law on Failure to produce license, registration or insurance card

39:3-29 License, registration certificate and insurance identification card; possession; exhibit upon request; violations; fine; defense.

39:3-29. The driver's license, the registration certificate of a motor vehicle and an insurance identification card shall be in the possession of the driver or operator at all times when he is in charge of a motor vehicle on the highways of this State.

The driver or operator shall exhibit his driver's license and an insurance identification card, and the holder of a registration certificate or the operator or driver of a motor vehicle for which a registration certificate has been issued, whether or not the holder, driver or operator is a resident of this State, shall also exhibit the registration certificate, when requested so to do by a police officer or judge, while in the performance of the duties of his office, and shall write his name in the presence of the officer, so that the officer may thereby determine the identity of the licensee and at the same time determine the correctness of the registration certificate, as it relates to the registration number and number plates of the motor vehicle for which it was issued; and the correctness of the evidence of a policy of insurance, as it relates to the coverage of the motor vehicle for which it was issued.

Any person violating this section shall be subject to a fine of $150, of which $25 shall be deposited in the Uninsured Motorist Prevention Fund established by section 2 of P.L. 1983, c.141 (C.39: 6B-3).

If a person charged with a violation of this section can exhibit his driver's license, insurance identification card and registration certificate, which were valid on the day he was charged, to the judge of the municipal court before whom he is summoned to answer to the charge, such judge may dismiss the charge.000 However, the judge may impose court costs.

Amended 2003, c.89, s.78.


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