Friday, July 25, 2008

39:3-27.27. Misuse of “Street Rod” plates

Fine ranging from $25-$50. For information regarding points or surcharges contact the Motor Vehicle Commission. For information about car insurance eligibility and points contact your car insurance company or the New Jersey Department of Insurance.
a. The owner of a modified antique automobile manufactured before 1949, referred to as a "street rod," which is registered in this State, may apply to the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles for a special license plate to be displayed in place of the standard license plate.

The special plate shall be issued upon proof that the street rod is registered in a New Jersey street rod club which is fully affiliated with the National Street Rod Association, Inc. The plate shall be issued for the applicant's use only for the registered vehicle and upon a transfer of title he shall surrender the plate to the director.

b. The special plate shall bear the words "street rod" and shall be of a design approved by the director. The fee for the plate shall be $15.00 in addition to the fees otherwise prescribed by law for the registration of the motor vehicle.

c. A person issued the special plate, in addition to the prescribed inspection sticker, shall display a valid National Street Rod Association safety inspection sticker on the vehicle.

d. The fine for violating this act is not less than $25.00 nor more than $50.00.

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