Thursday, May 3, 2012

39:3-4.1. Licensing motor vehicles for transportation of passengers for hire

 As used in this section the term  "motor vehicle"  is hereby defined as meaning any motor vehicle propelled otherwise than by muscular power (except such vehicles as run only on rails or tracks exclusively) carrying passengers for hire of any kind over the highways in this State, except (1) taxicabs, (2) hotel buses, (3) autobuses with a carrying capacity of not more than six passengers now or hereafter operated under municipal consent upon a route established wholly within the limits of a single municipality, which route does  not in whole or in part parallel upon the same street the line of any street  railway or traction railway or any other autobus line and (4) vehicles used in  ridesharing arrangements.

    No motor vehicle as herein defined shall be licensed by the commissioner until the applicant for such license shall first obtain a certificate from the Board of Public Utilities, that such motor vehicle conforms to the rules, regulations and specifications of the Board of Public Utilities, as to construction and safety devices of such motor vehicle;  but all motor vehicles as herein defined and approved by the Board of Public Utilities, prior to June 6, 1936, shall not require the further approval of such board as a condition precedent to the issuance of such license.

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