Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NJAC 19:9-1.4 Uniform direction of traffic

  (a) No vehicle shall be operated, pushed or otherwise caused to move in a direction which is against the normal flow of traffic on any traffic lane, deceleration lane, acceleration lane, access ramp, shoulder or other roadway on the Roadway.
     (b) No vehicle shall be operated on a roadway lane where lane usage by that classification of vehicle is prohibited by appropriate signs.
     (c) Excepted from the provisions of this section are State Police vehicles, the Authority‘s maintenance and official vehicles and vehicles authorized to furnish towing and other services to disabled vehicles on the Roadway, when they are properly in use in the performance of duties authorized by the Authority, and all other vehicles discharging emergency functions, such as ambulances and fire engines; provided that no such excepted vehicles shall be operated against the normal flow of traffic or contrary to classification prohibitions so as to create a hazard to other vehicles.

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