Thursday, May 3, 2012

39:3-4b. Temporary registration

39:3-4b.  Temporary registration
    Any nonresident purchasing an automobile in the State while enroute to another State or Federal district from a licensed dealer may register the same in New Jersey on a temporary basis.

    Such temporary registration shall be made in the following manner:  An application in writing, signed by the applicant or by an agent or officer in case the applicant is a corporation, shall be made to the director or his lawful agent, on forms prepared and supplied by the director, containing the name, address and age of the owner, together with a description of the character of the automobile, including the name of the maker and the manufacturer's number or the motor number, or both, and any other statement that may be required by the director.  If the vehicle is insured by motor vehicle liability insurance as provided for in section 3 of chapter 173 of the laws of 1952, the applicant must file an accompanying certificate, issued by the insurance carrier.  An application shall contain the name of the insurer of  said vehicle and the policy number.

    In the event that such insurance is terminated, the insurer shall notify the  director within 30 days, following such termination.

    Thereupon the director or licensed dealer shall have the power to grant a temporary registration certificate and temporary plates to the owner of any automobile, if over 17 years of age, either directly or through any licensed motor vehicle dealer who is not within the geographical district, application for the temporary registration having been properly made and the fee therefor paid, and the vehicle being of a type that complies with the requirements of this subtitle.  The form and contents of the temporary registration certificate  to be issued shall be prescribed by the director. The director shall maintain  a record of all temporary registration certificates issued, and of the contents  thereof.

    Every temporary registration shall expire and the certificate thereof become  void on the twentieth day following the date on which the certificate was  issued;  no temporary registration shall be renewed, except as a permanent  registration pursuant to section 39:3-4 of the Revised Statutes, and after  payment of the fees prescribed therein.

    The director shall issue temporary registration certificates for the 20 day  registration period, which shall be effective immediately.

    Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $100.00, except that for the misstatement of any fact in the  application required to be made by the director, the person making such statement shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 39:3-37 of this  Title.

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