Sunday, May 6, 2012

39:3-6.19. Supersedure; nonapplicability

  29. a.  Registration of apportioned vehicles under this act and the State's participation in the International Registration Plan supersedes all other statutes, acts, and reciprocal agreements covering in whole or in part any of the matters covered by this act. 

   b.   The State's participation in the International Registration Plan shall not affect any reciprocal or other agreement, arrangement or understanding the State has with any non-member jurisdiction. 

39:3-6.20.     "Proportional Registration Distributive Fund"      30. a.  The Division of Motor Vehicles shall distribute the registration fees collected for participating jurisdictions in accordance with the International Registration Program Agreement. 

   b.   There is created within the State Treasury a special account to be known as the "Proportional Registration Distributive Fund" into which all fees collected for other jurisdictions shall be deposited and held in trust until distributed pursuant to subsection a. of this section. 

   c.   Funds collected for other jurisdictions pursuant to the International Registration Plan shall not be considered funds of the State of New Jersey and shall not be appropriated for purposes other than distribution pursuant to subsection a. of this section. 

39:3-6.21.     Reciprocity      31.  After July 1, 1995, if no agreement, arrangement or declaration is in effect with respect to another jurisdiction as authorized by this act, any vehicle properly registered or licensed in such other jurisdiction, and for which evidence of compliance is supplied, shall receive, when operated in this State, the same exemptions, benefits, and privileges granted by such other jurisdiction to vehicles properly registered in this State. Reciprocity extended under this section shall apply to commercial vehicles only when engaged exclusively in interstate commerce, except as to a foreign registered trailer or semi-trailer in intrastate commerce when hauled by a truck, road tractor, or truck tractor registered with the director in conformity with R.S.39:3-20.  

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