Thursday, May 3, 2012

39:3-6.13. Registration of apportioned vehicles

 23. a.  The Division of Motor Vehicles or its designee shall register all apportioned vehicles within its jurisdiction upon application and payment of registration fees and upon proof of proper insurance and proof of filing of Federal Form 2290 pursuant to the federal highway motor vehicle use tax, 26 U.S.C. s.4481 et seq.  A registration certificate shall be issued for each vehicle that is registered and that certificate shall identify the vehicle for which it is issued and shall list the jurisdictions in which the vehicle has been apportioned, the weight of the vehicle and the fee classification of the vehicle.  The registration card shall be carried in or upon the vehicle for which it has been issued at all times. 

   b.   Any registration issued for an apportioned vehicle pursuant to this section may be suspended, cancelled or revoked by the Division of Motor Vehicles in the event of the registrant's falsification of information, misstatement of fact, failure to pay fees, or failure to maintain the vehicle in accordance with standards set by the Federal Department of Transportation.

39:3-6.14  Registration, administrative fees.
24. a. The registration fee for an apportioned vehicle shall be determined by the number of in-jurisdiction miles an apportioned vehicle drives in the State of New Jersey and in each of the jurisdictions in which it is authorized to travel by its registration.  The formula used for the registration fee shall be in accord with the International Registration Plan and shall be set forth in regulation.

b.In addition to the registration fee, the commission shall set by regulation an administrative fee which will be collected from each registrant to subsidize the cost of the administration of the program.

c.The administrative fee collected pursuant to this act shall be forwarded to the State Treasurer and be deposited into the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Fund established pursuant to section 17 of this act.

L.1995,c.157,s.24; amended 2003, c.13, s.100.
39:3-6.15.     Preservation of operational records      25. a.  A registrant whose application for apportioned registration has been accepted shall preserve its operational records for a period of three years after the close of the registration year.  Such records shall be made available to the Division of Motor Vehicles or its designee upon request for an audit as to the accuracy of computation, payments and assessments for deficiencies or allowances for credit during the normal business hours of the day. 

   b.   If a registrant fails to make records available to the Division of Motor Vehicles or its designee upon proper request or if a registrant fails to maintain operational records from which true liability can be determined, the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles has the discretion to: 

   (1)  suspend, revoke or cancel the registration.


   (2)  assess liability based upon the director's estimate of the actual miles traveled by the registrant in each jurisdiction; and 

   (3)  take whatever action is reasonably necessary to advance the purposes of the International Registration Plan. 

   c.   At the option of the carrier, on-board recording devices that are pre-approved by the director may be used in lieu of, or in addition to, handwritten trip reports for apportioned registration record keeping purposes.

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