Monday, July 3, 2017

NJAC 1:1-12.1 When and how made; generally MOTIONS

1:1-12.1 When and how made; generally MOTIONS

   (a) Where a party seeks an order of a judge, the party shall apply by motion.

1. A party shall make each motion in writing, unless it is made orally during a hearing or unless the judge otherwise permits it to be made orally.

2. No technical forms of motion are required. In a motion, a party shall state the grounds upon which the motion is made and the relief or order being sought.

(b) A party shall file each motion with the judge. If a case has not yet been assigned to a judge, motions may be filed with the Clerk.

(c) In a motion for substantially the same relief as that previously denied, a party shall specifically identify the previous proceeding and its disposition.

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