Monday, July 3, 2017

NJAC 1:1-13.2 Prehearing order; amendment

1:1-13.2 Prehearing order; amendment

   (a) Within 10 days after the conclusion of the prehearing conference, the judge shall enter a written order addressing the appropriate items listed in (a)1 through 14 below and shall cause the same to be served upon all parties.

1. The nature of the proceeding and the issue or issues to be resolved including special evidence problems;

2. The parties and their status, for example, petitioner, complainant, appellant, respondent, intervenor, etc., and their attorneys or other representatives of record. In the event that a particular member or associate of a firm is to try a case, or if outside trial counsel is to try the case, the name must be specifically set forth at the prehearing. No change in such designated trial counsel shall be made without leave of the judge if such change will interfere with the date for hearing. If the name of a specific trial counsel is not set forth, the judge and opposing parties shall have the right to expect any partner or associate to proceed with the trial on the date of hearing;

3. Any special legal requirements as to notice of hearing;

4. The schedule of hearing dates and the time and place of hearing;

5. Stipulations as to facts and issues;

6. Any partial settlement agreements and their terms and conditions;

7. Any amendments to the pleadings contemplated or granted;

8. Discovery matters remaining to be completed and the date when discovery shall be completed for each mode of discovery to be utilized;

9. Order of proofs;

10. A list of exhibits marked for identification;

11. A list of exhibits marked in evidence by consent;

12. Estimated number of fact and expert witnesses;

13. Any motions contemplated, pending and granted;

14. Other special matters determined at the conference.

(b) Any party may, upon written motion filed no later than five days after receiving the prehearing order, request that the order be amended to correct errors.

(c) The prehearing order may be amended by the judge to accommodate circumstances occurring after its entry date. Unless precluded by law, a prehearing order may also be amended by the judge to conform the order with the proofs.

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