Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NJAC 1:1-18.4 Exceptions; replies

1:1-18.4 Exceptions; replies 

   (a) Within 13 days from the date the judge's initial decision was mailed to the parties, any party may file written exceptions with the agency head. A copy of the exceptions shall be served on all other parties and the judge. Exceptions to orders issued under N.J.A.C. 1:1-3.2(c)4 shall be filed with the Director of the Office of Administrative Law.

(b) The exceptions shall:

1. Specify the findings of fact, conclusions of law or dispositions to which exception is taken;

2. Set out specific findings of fact, conclusions of law or dispositions proposed in lieu of or in addition to those reached by the judge;

3. Set forth supporting reasons. Exceptions to factual findings shall describe the witnesses' testimony or documentary or other evidence relied upon. Exceptions to conclusions of law shall set forth the authorities relied upon.

(c) Evidence not presented at the hearing shall not be submitted as part of an exception, nor shall it be incorporated or referred to within exceptions.

(d) Within five days from receipt of exceptions, any party may file a reply with the agency head, serving a copy thereof on all other parties and the judge. Such replies may address the issues raised in the exceptions filed by the other party or may include submissions in support of the initial decision.

(e) In all settlements, exceptions and cross-exceptions shall not be filed, unless permitted by the judge or agency head.


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