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NJAC 1:1-8.2 Transmission of contested cases to the Office of Administrative Law

1:1-8.2 Transmission of contested cases to the Office of Administrative Law 

   (a) In every proceeding to be filed in the Office of Administrative Law, the agency shall complete a transmittal form, furnished by the Clerk of the Office of Administrative Law, containing the following information:

1. The name of the agency transmitting the case;

2. The name, address and telephone number of the agency's transmitting officer;

3. The name or title of the proceeding, including the designation petitioner/respondent or appellant/appellee when appropriate;

4. The agency docket or reference number;

5. A description of the nature of the case, including a statement of the legal authority and jurisdiction upon which the agency action is based or under which the hearing is to be held, a reference to particular statutes and rules involved as well as a brief summary of the matters of fact and law asserted. If this information is included in a pleading that is attached to the transmittal form pursuant to (b) below, the agency may refer to the pleading in order to satisfy this requirement;

6. An indication as to whether the agency has attempted settlement;

7. An estimate of the total time required for the hearing;

8. Whether a court stenographer is requested. If a stenographer is not requested, the Office of Administrative Law will provide an audiotape recording for the hearing. When a stenographer is requested by the transmitting agency, the appearance fee shall be paid by the transmitting agency. When the transmitting agency notifies the Clerk that a court stenographer is required because a party so requests, the appearance fee shall be paid by that party;

9. Anticipated special features or requirements, including the need for emergent relief, discovery, motions, prehearing conference or conference hearing and whether the case is a remand;

10. The names, addresses and telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses if available, of all parties and their attorneys or other representatives, with each person clearly designated as either party or representative. For any party that is a corporation, the transmitting agency shall provide the name, address and telephone number, and e-mail address if available, of the corporation's attorney or non-lawyer representative qualified under N.J.A.C. 1:1-5.4(b)2v.

11. A request for a barrier-free hearing location if it is known that a handicapped person will be present; and

12. The names of any other agencies claiming jurisdiction over either the entire or any portion of the factual dispute presented in the transmitted contested case.

13. The transmitting agency may provide the name and address of one additional person other than a party or representative to receive a copy of all Clerk's notices in the case. If no person is designated, the OAL shall send an informational copy of notices to the agency's transmitting officer.

(b) The agency shall attach all pleadings to the transmittal form.

(c) The agency may affix to the completed transmittal form only documents which have been exchanged between the parties prior to transmission of the case to the Office of Administrative Law. If the agency affixes to the transmittal form documents that have not been exchanged between the parties, the agency shall either serve these documents upon the parties or offer them to the parties and shall inform the Clerk of such action in the transmittal form.

(d) If there was a previous hearing in a matter which upon appeal is subject to de novo review, the agency shall not transmit the record of the previous hearing to the Office of Administrative Law.

(e) If an agency has transmitted a case to the Office of Administrative Law, any party or agency aware that another agency is claiming jurisdiction over any part of the transmitted case shall immediately notify the Office of Administrative Law, the other parties and affected agencies of the second jurisdictional claim.

(f) The completed transmittal form and one copy of any attachments shall be filed with the Clerk of the Office of Administrative Law.

(g) Where the case involves a permitting or licensing decision of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department shall be required to produce and certify a permitting record within 30 days after the filing of the contested case. This deadline may be extended by an administrative law judge upon the unanimous agreement of the parties. The production and certification of the Department's permitting record, in accordance with this subsection, shall not limit the ability of the parties to further supplement the record. The Department shall file the certified record with the administrative law judge. If a case has not yet been assigned, the certified record shall be filed with the Clerk.

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