Monday, July 3, 2017

NJAC 1:1-1.3 Construction and relaxation

1:1-1.3 Construction and relaxation 

   (a) This chapter shall be construed to achieve just results, simplicity in procedure, fairness in administration and the elimination of unjustifiable expense and delay. In the absence of a rule, a judge may proceed in accordance with the New Jersey Court Rules, provided the rules are compatible with these purposes. Court rules regarding third party practices and class action designations may not be applied unless such procedures are specifically statutorily authorized in administrative hearings.

(b) Except as stated in (c) below, procedural rules may be relaxed or disregarded if the judge determines that adherence would result in unfairness or injustice. The judge shall make such determinations and state the reasons for doing so on the record.

(c) The burden of proof shall not be relaxed. Statutory procedural requirements shall not be relaxed or disregarded except when permitted by the controlling Federal or State statutes.


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