Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NJAC 1:1-18.3 Written initial decision

1:1-18.3 Written initial decision 

   (a) If an oral decision is not issued, the judge shall issue a written initial decision.

(b) The written initial decision shall be filed with the agency head and shall be promptly served upon the parties with an indication of the date of receipt by the agency head.

(c) The written initial decision shall contain the following elements which may be combined and need not be separately discussed:

1. An appropriate caption;

2. The appearances of the parties and their representatives, if any;

3. A statement of the case;

4. A procedural history and list of hearing dates;

5. A statement of the issue(s);

6. A factual discussion;

7. Factual findings;

8. A legal discussion;

9. Conclusions of law;

10. A disposition;

11. A list of witnesses and of exhibits admitted into evidence; and

12. The following statement: "This recommended decision may be adopted, modified or rejected by (the head of the agency), who by law is empowered to make a final decision in this matter. However, if (the head of the agency) does not so act in 45 days and unless such time limit is otherwise extended, this recommended decision shall become a final decision in accordance with N.J.S.A. 52:14B-10."


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