Monday, July 3, 2017

NJAC 1:1-9.7 Inactive list

1:1-9.7 Inactive list

   (a) Where a party to a pending case demonstrates good cause, that party or his or her representative may move to place the case on the inactive list. A judge, as a condition to placing a matter on the inactive list, shall consider the public interest in the matter and may impose conditions appropriate to the case.

1. Upon affidavit or other adequate proof, the judge may determine to place the case on the inactive list for as brief a period as possible not to exceed six months.

2. The Clerk shall maintain the inactive list and shall return the case to an active status after the specified period has expired unless, upon motion and further proof, the judge determines that the party is still with just excuse unable to proceed.

3. A judge may order a case to continue on the inactive list for successive brief periods, each not to exceed six months.

4. All parties and the agency shall be notified of any action taken under this section.

(b) Cases may not be placed on the inactive list to await an appellate court decision involving other parties unless the appellate decision is so imminent and directly relevant to the matter under dispute so that some reasonable delay would be justified.

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